Shift and Change
Carmen Aiken-Isaac – August 22, 2015

“Shift & Change has come, and Shift & Change has come. There will be people making new moves, changing jobs, moving into new relationships, leaving old relationships behind, and it will be of Me,” says the Lord. “When it is of Me, it brings productivity. When it is not of Me, it brings destruction. I am properly aligning and moving people into places and positions of influence and fruitfulness. Shift & Change is here, Shift & Change is here. Be encouraged, be open, and yield to the winds of change that the Holy Ghost is blowing your way. Let it catch you up and land you where He wants you to be.”

When change comes from God it is for the greater good. When the proper timing of change happens, it brings healing, deliverance, blessing, and manifestation of purpose.

“I Always Triumph”  through Carmen Aiken-Isaac – June 26, 2015 “There will be a mass deliverance from bondages and the captives will be set free. Hold your heads up! My healing, My deliverance, My setting the captives free has NOT changed. I am the same God yesterday, today, and forever, and My healing, delivering heart will be poured out on whomsoever will. Those who are called, and have been prepared, and who have cried out to be used by Me–now is your time. My message of grace goes before you, and you will preach and teach with power. You will preach and teach with mercy, and you will preach and teach with love. You will preach and teach in faith, and you will preach and teach with miracles, signs, and wonders. I always save the best wine for last, and I make no mistakes. Why are you weary? Why are you feeling low? The sons of this world are not to be more shrewd in their generation than the Sons of Light. You will know my strategies. You will know what to say. I will lead you in wise-decision making for a strategic manifestation of My Spirit. My Glory is here, and eyes will be opened to Who I Am. Your wayward sons and daughters are coming home, and do not believe that evil triumphs over mercy. I TRIUMPH!” says the Lord. “Indeed, I always TRIUMPH.”

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